With a determination to successfully augment and to build a rich legacy, LB Expressions, a power house enterprise, stepped into the scene with a vision to be the preferred partner  globally, with its surging apparel business. 


A hub of innovation and design where creativity,audacity, surprise, femininity, more so agility are the key components. As what you see today is not true to tomorrow, so you have to adapt all the time!


Conglomerate , Ojas parent to LB Expressions lends its expertise on being able to use every activity as a tool for growth and providing a highly spirited environment.


LB Expressions' business model is built on the principle of being a 360-degree specialist and innovative solution partner to its collaborators, while upping the ante for the entire industry.


The company stands tall on its policies from both an ethical and commercial point of view maintaining impeccable consistency across all of its activities vis-a-vis constantly raising the level of ambition.