LB delves into all aspects of “fashion" from conception to shipping of final product. From forecasting the trends of the couture market right upto international delivery, done with unparalleled flair and commitment to excellence.

Fluidity and individualism prevail in every creation. Here every piece is not simply a design, its  a state of mind! This provides our customers the opportunity to relish in the immediate emotion of writing orders "as is" on what they see.

Behind great design is a team of designers and product developers, some of them power-houses in their own right. We work with and nurture young talents, there is a lot of strategy involved- the sourcing, the producing, the designing all go together building exquisite products and caliber.

Quite iconic eight collections per year are developed, with new interpretations tirelessly starting the story over and over making the product come alive. Creativity is highly supported and respected. Each collection is a six week cycle, each designer, product developer has a specific role, specific knowledge, a specific story, a specific archive which is quite interesting to fulfill.  At the same time, its not just about the collections! Curating the range, sales, merchandising "everything is centralised". We switch from linear to circular as needed for business today.

Our approach is extremely consumer focused making us passionate about the outside perspective. This helps strike a powerful balance , something which eludes many organisations and even erode their cachet.