Indomitable , vivacious, with an infectious zest for life, Sonali Aneja spells true sunshine- her life a living testimony of that of a winner and a leader.

Born and educated in the heart of South Delhi, Sonali is a Psychology Major, having studied also in the United States. She delved into the varied nuances of the human mind, and chose to pursue her entrepreneurial expression, amongst others, in the fashion and lifestyle business.

Her business exploits made her travel far and wide, and she today is a true style icon- seasoned and recognised. 


An entrepreneur, a strategist, an artist, a financial expert,a life coach and a mentor - she epitomizes all woman and tirelessly works towards raising the bar each day. Sophisticated and charming, committed to her yoga and meditative practice, Sonali exudes both passion and inner stability combined with an expression that's free to sprint into the future .

Blending the strength of Indian "know-how" and specialties with international quality requirements, Sonali is a leading figure from the country in the global business scenario. 

​Sonali is an authority in regulating and maintaining standards-equipment and infrastructure, manpower, quality processes. Strong with setting up and managing  Manufacturing, Production, and Export functions, she has set up highest AQL standards across industries, provisioned unparalleled service and supplied irreproachable deliverables, time after time.


​Highly sought after ,with an unclouded mind ,clarity and vision she specialises not only in growth and development of the companies ,but also in reviving flailing business ventures into profitable operations through her unflinching administrative, negotiation and transactional abilities combined with her inclusive and compassionate approach .

A strategic pioneer, Sonali’s word carries weight of her wealth of exposure and commitment to excellence. Absolutely original, an obsession with perfection, her quest for the most magnificent creative outcome in any field, makes her one of a kind. 

It would be no overstatement to say that there would be few to parallel her, world-over.