At the helm of the empire, taking on the onslaught of globalization, is the founder, business magnet, investor and philanthropist, 

P. Siddharth Rao. In my experience, most definitely, one of the most unique investors in the country! 

Siddharth first tasted business success with his brother’s maiden venture as early as 16 years of age. Rather than spending his youth in nightclubs, he invested his time and energy towards unanswered queries.  At 26, he renounced all his material pursuits and went off on an inner journey and exploration of the mechanics of life and the true potential of the human mind.

As an outcome, was the genesis of his new ventures, established in 2013 in Delhi-NCR, away from his home base- OJAS was born!

OJAS: A conglomerate headquartered in Delhi-NCR, the Group manages diverse businesses in various parts of the world and across sectors like FinTech, Exports, Education, Lifestyle, Fashion Apparel, Real Estate, taking the overall ecosystem to greater heights with progressive strategies of diverting cash flows from the somewhat stagnant core traditional businesses into more new-age ones, employing and generating large amounts of capital and minimal debt. 

Using his entrepreneurial brilliance, Siddharth brings a complete paradigm shift by approaching businesses with futuristic technologies and enduring discipline, creating state-of-the-art ventures and investment opportunities.

He envisions creating ample prospects of revenue and employment for the country's economy, eradicating perceived inefficiency by trimming inventories and dismantling the mindsets that hinder human potential.

Siddharth’s out of the box thinking and passion about cultivating an ethos and environment of inclusiveness and unrestricted expression in his companies and associations with people, make him especially magnetic to those with greater ambitions and who seek a larger slice of life!

Interestingly, he’s well noted for his adherence to value investing as also for his personal frugality despite his wealth.


Siddharth is a true oracle of success, continuing to build remarkable impact through his corporations!